As Required by Law.

The goal of the Vista Natural Wellness Center (“Vista”) is to provide education in natural health as expressive association and advocate a healthy lifestyle. Vista offers and provides products and services concerning general health and wellness for informational and/or educational purposes only. Neither Vista nor its personnel are licensed by any governmental authority unless otherwise noted, and do not offer to, or engage in, the practice of medicine or any other State-licensed health care profession, unless otherwise noted. Vista, or any of its personnel, does not diagnose, treat, operate or prescribe for any human disease, pain, injury, deformity or physical or mental condition and does not offer or undertake by any means or methods to diagnose, treat, prevent, operate or prescribe for any human disease, pain, injury deformity or physical or mental condition, nor should any information be construed as medical advice. You are encouraged to discuss any and all the information provided by Vista with your personal healthcare provider. Further, you are also encouraged to make your own healthcare decisions based on your own seeking and in partnership with a qualified healthcare professional.