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Vista Natural Wellness No-Flush Niacin 400 mg. (100 Capsules)
Vista Natural Wellness No-Flush Niacin 400 mg.

Vista Natural Wellness No-Flush Niacin 400 mg.
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Also known as Vitamin B 3, because the body converts tryptophan to niacin, many biochemical nutritionists do not consider niacin as an essential nutrient, but rather look to the consumption of tryptophan.  Niacin functions in the body as a component in the co-enzymes NAD and NADP, which are involved in over 50 different chemical reactions in the body.  Enzymes containing niacin play an important role in energy production; fat, cholesterol and carbohydrate metabolism; and the manufacture of many other compounds including sex and adrenal hormones.

One of the side effects of taking niacin is the flushing of the skin, secondary to the effect of dilating blood vessels.  While this is not in any way dangerous, flushing can be troublesome and uncomfortable to some people.
Vista Natural Wellness No-Flush Niacin is a formulation of inositol plus hexanicotinate.  Inositol (an unofficial B vitamin)  is widely used in Europe as a treatment for intermittent claudication (a painful cramping in the calf muscle produced when walking, as a result of arterial narrowing and decreased oxygen supply) and Reynaud’s Phenomenon (a painful response of the hands and/or feet to cold exposure because of blood vessel constriction).  Inositol Hexanicotinate yields better results than standard niacin with the big advantage that it is safer and much better tolerated by patients.
  • All natural
  • Does not cause flushing

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