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Aarisse Progesta Plus - For Women - 20 mg. (3 Oz. Cream)
Aarisse Progesta Plus 20 mg.

Aarisse Progesta Plus 20 mg.
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After age 35, the production of progesterone in a woman's body decreases markedly. Progesterone production, in the ovaries of women, occurs following ovulation, from a structure called the corpus luteum, which is what is left of the follicle after the egg leaves. After age 35, women do not ovulate with every menstrual cycle and so there is no production of a corpus luteum and hence, no production of progesterone.  This decrease in progesterone has rather serious effects on metabolism such as hot flashes and night sweats, lack of deposition of calcium in bones, vaginal dryness and loss of libido, not to mention many others. A decrease in thyroid function is also a result of a marked drop in progesterone. It is therefore essential that women over the age of 35 replace progesterone, naturally. 
Progesterone has been called the "mother" of steroid hormones because all steroid hormones originate in the body from progesterone.  It is very tempting in allopathic medicine to replace, as a magic bullet, specific terminal steroids.  This has been shown to be dangerous and problematic in the health of women.  Steroid hormones should be replaced by giving natural progesterone and allowing the body to make all terminal steroids in balanced amounts.  This will preclude any metabolic diffculties created by giving individual terminal steroids.  Click here to see a chart of metabolic steroid hormones.
The average age of menopause in women is 50 and by the time this age is reached, progesterone levels have been extremely low for the past 15 years. Although levels of estrogen have also been dropping, the decline has been at a much slower rate, leaving women in a state of "estrogen dominance". Simply, this means that, any time after the age of 35, women have too much estrogen for the amount of progesterone in their bodies, and since biochemically estrogens are proliferative (making things grow), one can see the danger of cysts, tumors and cancer.  
Progesta Plus is the natural progesterone cream recommended by The Institute For Natural Health and Wellness for 2 reasons:
     1. It is a transdermal cream with a liposomal delivery system ensuring total delivery of progesterone to the bloodstream.
     2. A convenient pump container delivers exactly 20mg. of progesterone per pump.  (A Textbook of Physiology, Guyton, Arthur, states that women will produce on average 20mg. of progesterone per day).  
"Progestin' is NOT the same as 'Progesterone"
There are undisputed differences between bio-identical natural progesterone (obtained from Wild Yam and Soya) and synthetic "Progestin" (Medroxyprogesterone Acetate) as used in "The Pill", Prempro and Provera. Synthetic progesterone i.e. "Progestin" is the chemical HRT drug responsible for increased breast cancer, heart disease, strokes, blood clots, dementia and coronary embolisms. Natural Progesterone is the safe, effective beneficial alternative free of adverse side-effects. It is called "natural" to signify that it is the identical molecule to that produced by the human body itself, and hence treated by the human anatomy as a part of its own - and not as a foreign substance. Because progesterone is a natural substance, it cannot be patented. 
  • l hormone balance for PMS, Menopause & Osteoporosis
  • Derived from Wild Yam in a patented delivery system
  • Sealed pump dispenser for freshness & exact measured dosage
  • Lasts 2 months; 60 pumps per container a great value
  • Cruelty free - never tested on animals
  • Vegan formula with no animal products or by-products used

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