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Bach Rescue Remedy For Pets .35 fl oz. Bach Rescue Remedy For Pets (0.35 Fl. Oz. Liquid)

For a calmer animal try Rescue Remedy for Pets to restore emotional balance whenever your pet is under pressure.

Our Price: $15.95
Hyalogic Hyaflex™ for Cats Liquid Hyaluronic Acid 1oz. Hyalogic Hyaflex™ for Cats Liquid Hyaluronic Acid (1 Fl. Oz. Liquid)

Hyalogic Hyaflex™ for Cats Liquid Hyaluronic Acid 1oz.

Our Price: $27.95
Tourmaline-Infused Plush and Cozy Pet Mat

Tourmaline is a mineral that has been used for millennia in Eastern Medicine. Tourmaline enhances the flow of chi (energy).

Crushed tourmaline particles are directly bonded to the fibers of this material by a patented process. The tourmaline absorbs the pet's body heat and then re-radiates that energy into the pet's body.

The tourmaline in the pet mat also produces negative ions that encourage a more alkaline environment in the pet's body. Alkalinity and heat promote healing at a more rapid rate. Other benefits of these negative ions include: neutralizing free radicals and reducing inflammation and increasing blood flow and oxygen levels in the blood stream

Tourmaline also produces alpha waves which encourage restful sleep. They also help increase serotonin levels which has a calming effect on pets and humans. The mats can be used to help soothe stressed animals, especially during transport.

Pricing by Size:
● X-Small 20" X 13" . - $31.99
● Small 24" X 18" ..... - $39.99
● Medium 30" X 20" . - $49.99
● Large 35" X 23" ..... - $59.99
● X-Large 40" X 28" . - $75.99

Our Price: $39.99
* Depending on Size Selection